About Us

Sabine Hoenicke

  • Business Degree, Advanced SA8000 Auditor, Certified Trainer, Certified Coach, Insights MDI® and ASSESS by SCHEELEN® accredited
  • Key-Accountant Manager of Social Responsibility of Intertek
  • Senior Consultant CSR - Otto Group
  • Senior Consultant CSR - Systain Consulting
  • Independent Consultant and Trainer
  • Owner of Sumations GmbH
  • Lecturer of Sustainability and Globalization - HSBA Hamburg
  • Years of experience in consultation, training and audits worldwide

The company founder and managing director, Sabine Hoenicke, already committed herself to the principles of business ethics during her studies of business administration.

Over time society has developed an awareness of grievances in the shadow of globalization. Globally operating companies are still in the public eye - in search of solutions. Sabine Hoenicke finds solutions.


She worked to develop the German AVE Sector Model, which was later renamed the European BSCI Standard, took numerous companies by the hand and led them to their individual holistic solutions for assuming corporate responsibility.

In this way she gained experience in more than 17 countries and supported countless production sites in optimizing production conditions, thus improving the quality of tens of thousands of workers lives.



Several thousand people, including employers, employees and students, have attended training sessions, seminars and lectures with Sumations employees and understood what sustainable action really means and how to integrate it into their life and business processes.

The Sumations Team


The unwavering belief in making the world a little better day by day is the driving force behind the team. Over 15 years of experience with the successful implementation of sustainability standards have shown that it is possible. 


The employees of Sumations have for example background in business administration, communications, engineering or science and humanities, and have the common task to support companies in their efforts becoming more sustainable.



The Sumations GmbH - a dynamic core team with numerous network partnerships in procurement markets all over the world.